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How to use the Journal

Understanding the Journal Workflow


Download a diagramme of the Journal workflow

Letter General membership


Hera we see an overview of the typical editorial workflow using the Journal, from the submission of an article to the publication of an issue.


The author

This allow us to see things from the author’s point of view as he/she makes a submission to the journal.


In this video you will see the revision process through the eyes of the author.

If this is your first time submitting any article or need some guidance you can find some valuable resources on writing for publication or speak to the Journal Editor.


The Editor

We’ll look at the process of creating an issue (editors often create several in advance). And we’ll also touch on how to inspect and edit the issue data such as the volume and issue number; add a cover image; and provide a title for a theme issue.


We’ll see how you can reject an obviously unsuitable submission (and notify the author with an automated email message), as well as check that the submission has been assigned by the author to the correct section of the journal.


We’ll also see how the scheduling feature of OJS allows the editor and section editor to manage the publication of articles incrementally as each article passes through the editing process, rather than in one batch, as is required when publishing a print journal.

A full list of avaliable resources can be found by visiting the journal editor resource page, included is videos with HTML guides.